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full body licious

full body licious review

Full body licious review

A power formula to help women love their body

An honest full body licious review to help women decide whether to use or not

Looking for full body licious review on the Internet? You will find hundreds of thousands of results while searching for full body licious review and every one saying their own words. Most of the reviews are there just to promote or show only pros of full body licious workout program. full body licious review They will not help you to decide whether you should buy and if not to buy then why not. I had the same problem when I was looking for the full body licious review. After spending hours on researching and finally using it for 6 months I decided to help women like me looking for an honest review of full body licious.
Before we proceed to full body licious review, I would like to give brief details here that what is full body licious workout; if you want to know more about full body licious workout click here. Full body licious is a workout and nutrition program designed by Flavia DelMonte. Who is Flavia DelMonte? Well, she is a certified fitness trainer, nurse and nutritionist. She has been helping women for years with their fitness and nutrition concerns. Flavia DelMonte is married to a famous fitness expert, natural bodybuilder and model. Not sure who? Let me give you another hint, he is well known for his “No Nonsense Muscle Building Program for men”. Yes, you got it right. He is Vince DelMonte.
Let me now give details about my experience with full body licious training and nutrition program. My full body licious review is based on my personal views and observation after using it for six months. I am a fitness freak and love to workout. If I am unable to go to gym, I manage to do it at home. Here is what I observed about Flavia DelMonte’s full-body-licious.

My experience with full body licious

I usually do not trust and buy products like this as I have had bad experience in the past, but I was strongly recommended by one of my female friend who was using full body licious and enjoying the results.full-body-licious-review I bought it and got the download link instantly after online payment. It had DVDs (videos) and PDF format files. I started following the training and nutrition guidelines given by Flavia DelMonte. I must say that the quality of the videos is really good. Flavia DelMonte is not only a very good fitness expert but also an excellent speaker and explains everything very clearly. It is easy to follow her guidelines for exercises as you can watch her doing the moves.
I am also happy with her suggestions on nutrition as now I do not need to worry about counting calories and thinking what I can eat and what I can’t. The most important thing is that it really works. I will not say that you will see a complete transformation overnight but yes, you will definitely see the results after continuously following this program for 3-4 months. I love my body and compliments from my friends on my figure make me love full body licious.
There were some exercise moves that took some time to do correctly, however I modified them to my convenience and slowly learnt them to do perfectly. As I am a fitness freak I was very regular with my workout routine.

Why you should use full body licious?

By now, from my personal full body licious survey above, you know what it is and what benefits you can expect from it. I would recommend full body licious to every woman who is serious about achieving an excellent figure. You simply order it and follow the training and nutrition routine regularly to achieve a flawless figure.

Why you should not go for it?

If you do not need an excellent figure and do not have time to work out then only you should not go for it.

Final verdict

I love full body licious because I can see the results. I would recommend it to any woman who wants to put some effort in achieving a beautiful figure. After all nothing great is ever achieved so easily. :)

Disclaimer: The results may vary depending on many factors.

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